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    Hallo! My name is Alyona. I am 16 years old. I have exams at school and i will do project about Germany, Germany youth, culture and relations between russia and Germany. I want to know your meaning about russia, russian language, youth people, about war between these countries. it’s very important for me, cause it’s my exam.
    Please… help me! =)
    Beforehand thank you.

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    Hallo Alyona,

    I would help you with pleasure to answer your questions, as far as I am able to. What would you like to know? Perhaps you can tell me some examples?

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    O! Thank you, Trupsik! I want to know your meaning about Russia, Germany and about their relations. How do you pertain to Russia and russian people? What do you know about our teenagers and what can you tell me about german teenagers, their interests and culture. What can you tell me about war between these countries? is it change your relation to Russia or not? i want to know about german society, about music. I’ll be happy to hear any information about it. I’m ready to listen you =) 😛

    And, please, dispose these countries in order your likings to it.

    1 England
    2 Ukraine
    3 USA
    4 Poland
    5 France
    6 Russia
    7 Austria
    8 China
    9 Japan
    10 Italy
    11 Spain

    mm.. hope that it’s not difficult for you…:whistle:

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