мочь [motch]

can, be able

Aspect: imperfective
Conjugationtype: e-conjugation (I.)
Verbgroup: Basic Verbs

Future forms БУДУ, БУДЕШЬ, ... МОЧЬ are not used in modern Russian. They still can be found in Russian literature of the 19th century. To say that someone will be able to do something, future forms of the verb СМОЧЬ are used instead.

Listen to the conjugation of the russian verb мочь

Present (irregular)

Perfective verbs don't have the present tense.

Past (irregular)

  • я (m) мог
  • я (f) могла
  • ты (m) мог
  • ты (f) могла
  • он мог
  • она могла
  • оно могло
  • мы могли
  • вы могли
  • они могли



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