Russian Main Dishes

Blintz - Russian pancakes

Russian pancakes are called blintz (or fondly blintchiki). Blintz is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Russian cuisine. In Russia, blintz are often served with different fillings. Another common way of eating these tasty pancakes is to fold them into a triangle and dip in sour cream.

Steamed Salmon with Parsley Sauce

Salmon and other fish from the same family have always been abundant in Russian rivers and coastal areas. That is why this fish plays an important role in Russian cuisine. In Russian, salmon is called "лосось" [laßóß']. Nowadays, salmon fillet is used in most recipes as it is easy to cook. This healthy and delicious fish can be baked, fried, grilled or steamed. Cooked in white wine and served with a delicate sauce, salmon is really delicious. Potatoes or fresh salad are perfect side dishes to accompany salmon.

Tomatoes and Potatoes in Mushroom Sauce

The mushroom sauce is the most important in this recipe. Mushrooms are used in many different ways in Russian cuisine. One of the reasons is the strict and long fasting of the Russian Orthodox Church. For more than half a year it was not allowed to eat meat and sometimes fish. As Russian forests were rich in mushrooms, people used them to spice up plain food. Choose mushrooms according to tastes and availability. Most popular mushrooms in Russia are: porcini, chanterelle, russule, armillaria or white button mushroom.

Omelet with Herbs

This simple and healthy omelet can be prepared just in few minutes. In summer, the Russians usually pick fresh herbs from the garden of their country house dacha. One can also use wild herbs such as bear's garlic, stinging nettle or dandelion. This omelet is rich in vitamins, provides valuable egg proteins and satisfies your appetite.

Fish with Carrots and Onions

This low-calorie dish is a tasty main course and can also be served as an appetizer. Fish steamed in carrot and onion marinade is very tender and juicy. It is especially delicious with white fish like cod.

Fish in Tomato Sauce

Fish in tomato sauce is very popular in Russia, fresh as well as canned. With this simple recipe, even most inexperienced cooks can prepare a delicious and healthy dish in minutes. Use saltwater or freshwater fish depending on taste.

Fish Hamburger with Cauliflower and Mashed Potatoes

In Russian cuisine, there are a wide variety of fish recipes. Fish balls are a great choice for children and even people who don't eat much fish. These fish balls are easy to cook and can be made from different types of fish such as halibut, perch or salmon. One can also add finely chopped fresh herbs into the fish paste.


The tasty combination of pumpkin and millet is quite popular in Russian cuisine. In this modern Russian recipe, honey gives the pumpkin-and-millet dish a sweet and aromatic flavor. As a quick and low-fat variation, just make millet porridge and add pumpkin peaces.

Pumpkin pancakes

In Russia, pumpkin grows in zones with mild and continental climate. Pumpkins are harvested in autumn and used in many recipes. Very popular and easy to cook are, for example, little juicy pumpkin pancakes with honey and sour cream.