Russian Soups and Stews


Okroshka (russian: окрошка) – a refreshing soup with kvass and vegetables – is a nourishing and thirst-quenching dish on hot summer days.

Bean Soup with Walnuts

This warming and hearty white bean soup made with walnuts is packed with nutrients and helps survive long Russian winters. This tasty soup is also a good source plant protein.

Pea Soup

The pea soup is very popular in Russia. According to the Russian recipe, the pea soup is cooked with dried green peas and smoked meat, which gives it an intense spicy flavor. Unlike in other countries, the Russian pea soup is not pureed. The hearty pea soup is perfect on a cold winter day. To serve: Cut black bread into small slices, rub it with freshly squeezed garlic and roast in the oven or in a pan.


Rassolnik is a salty sour soup. In Russia cucumber brine was used as a base for various dishes already in the Middle Ages. The main difference between brine-based dishes is the amount and concentration of the brine. The most popular brine-based dishes are Solyanka and Rassolnik. Rassolnik is a mild soup. It can be made only of vegetables or with giblets (chicken liver, gizzard and heart) as well as with beef or veal innards. If you add meat, choose lean beef. The proper combination of herbs is very important for Rassolnik. Rassolnik shouldn’t taste too sour or salty. It is necessary to get the right proportion between neutral vegetables (carrots, beets, etc.) and salty ingredients (cucumber pickles and brine).


Shchi (russ.: щи) is one of the most typical dishes of the Russian cuisine. It can be cooked in different ways. There are three main variations of shchi: ‘green shchi’ with fresh cabbage (russ.: щи свежие), ‘sour shchi’ with sauerkraut (russ.: щи кислые) and vegetarian shchi (russ.: щи постные).

Cold Summer Borscht

This light variation on the famous traditional dish is a wonderful treat on hot summer days.


Borscht is actually a traditional Ukrainian dish. Borscht became very popular in Russia centuries ago. Now this rich stew is associated with Russia and is also known as the Russian red (or beet) soup. Step by step picture recipe.


Solyanka (russ.: солянка) – a rich salty spicy stew – is one of the most popular dishes of the Russian cuisine. There are different kinds of Solyanka: with meat, sausages, fish or mushrooms. Most important ingredients are cucumber pickles or salted mushrooms. In Russian Solyanka means "salty", derived from the word соль - [sol] (salt).