Learn Russian

Many people ask themselves, if it is difficult, to learn the Russian language. The Russian alphabet is unfamiliar, there are no articles and the conjugation of verbs seems weird. But learning Russian is not as difficult as it may seem. Once you have learned the Cyrillic script and some basic rules, learning Russian starts to be fun. The most important is to stick to it! It already helps to learn just one Russian word every day and to write it down to get used to the Russian writing. Just get started and learn Russian online for free.

Russian Verb Trainer App

Discover an easy and fun way to learn the conjugation of the most common Russian verbs. With conjugation tables, audio and aspectual partners. Allows to customize your training by creating your own lists of verbs and/ or by using success ratings.

Family in Russian

Russian vocabulary to use when talking about the family members and relatives. Differences between the English and the Russian names. In Russian, there are no words like "siblings" or "grandparents". And talking about one's "in-laws" you name the exact relation saying, for example "brother of the husband".

Russian Tongue Twisters

14 Tongue Twisters in Russian with English translation. Listen and practice the Russian pronunciation. Also available as iOS App.

Rosetta Stone TOTALe Russian

Rosetta Stone Russian: Review of the language learning picture-based software. A pleasant way to learn Russian for disciplined students.

Russian Boys' Names

Russian boys’ names and their derivatives. Popular and rare Russian boys’ names. Most popular Russian baby names for boys are: Alexander, Nikita and Ivan.

Russian Names

Russian names consist of three parts: first, middle (father’s) and family name. Popular Russian baby names. How to use Russian names.

Russian Girls' Names

Russian girls’ names and their derivatives. Popular and rare Russian girls’ names. Most popular Russian baby names for girls are: Anastasia, Maria and Daria.

Russian Drinking Toasts

40 Russian drinking toasts for different occasions. Short and long universal toasts. Special toasts for birthday, wedding, New Year Eve and Women's Day. Some Russian drinking toasts consist just of one or two words. The right way to say "Cheers!" in Russian is not "Nostrovia!".

At the railway station

English Russian with Transcription Two tickets to Sergiyev Posad, please. Пожалуйста, два билета до Сергиева Посада. [pa-zhál-sta, dvá bee-lyé-ta da syér-gee-ye-va pa-sá-da] A return ticket. Туда и обратно. [too-dá ee ab-rát-na] The train departs from track three. Поезд отправляется с третьего пути. [pó-yeesd at-prav-lyá-yee-tsa s tryé-tyee-va poo-tée] Do I have to change trains? Мне нужно […]

In the Metro (underground, tube, subway)

English Russian with Transcription entrance вход [fhot] exit выход [vi-hat] passage переход [pye-ree-hót] passage to the station переход на станцию [pye-ree-hót na stán-tsee-yoo] Where is... Где ... [gdye] ...the next metro station? ...ближайшая станция метро? [blee-zháy-shaya stán-tsee-ya mee-tró] ...exit (to the surface)? ...выход в город? [ví-hat v gó-rat] Where can I buy metro tickets? Где […]