Russian Verb Trainer App

The Russian Verb Trainer is an easy and fun way to learn the conjugation of the most common Russian verbs.

  • Practice the conjugation of 500 Russian verbs in present, past and future tenses and in the imperative mood.
  • Activate the options "Infinitive" and "Translation" in "Training Preferences" to learn Russian verbs.
  • Master your pronunciation by listening to the pronunciation of the conjugated forms.
  • Track your learning progress with statistics.

Russian Verb Trainer (iOS) on the Apple App Store
Russian Verb Trainer (Android) in the Google Play Store
VERB LISTS: make your own lists of verbs like "Favorites" or use predefined lists: "All Verbs", "Basic Verbs", "Reflexive Verbs" and "Verbs of Motion".
ASPECT: learn to which aspect the verb belongs. For many verbs, the aspectual pair is provided.
PRACTICE: enter the conjugated verb form or the infinitive and get visual feedback.
VOCABULARY TRAINER: activate the options "Infinitive" and "Translation" in "Training Preferences" to learn Russian verbs.
TRACK PROGRESS: see ratings for each verb and decide which verbs to focus on.
CUSTOMIZE EXERCISE: filter the verbs based on tenses/mood and/or ratings within the selected list of verbs.
VERB CONJUGATION TABLE: for each verb, there is a conjugation table including translation, transcription, aspectual partners (if available), conjugation type and audio of all forms in present, past and future tenses and in the imperative mood.
AUDIO: conjugation forms of all verbs pronounced by a native Russian speaker.
SEARCH: quick verb search (both language directions).
FEEDBACK: send Feedback directly from the app.

Please, send us your comments and suggestions to help us improve the App. Propose verbs you would like to see in coming updates.