Russian Verb Trainer App

The Russian Verb Trainer is an easy and fun way to learn the conjugation of the most common Russian verbs.

  • Practice the conjugation of the Russian verbs in present, past and future tenses and in the imperative mood.
  • Activate the options “Infinitive” and “Translation” in “Training Preferences” to learn Russian verbs.
  • Master your pronunciation by listening to the pronunciation of the conjugated forms.
  • Track your learning progress with statistics.

Number of Russian verbs:

  • 200 verbs in the main package
  • 100 verbs as In-App purchase (only iOS Version)

Russian Verb Trainer (iOS) on the Apple App Store
Russian Verb Trainer (Android) in the Google Play Store

Video: App Store Trailer


VERB LISTS: make your own lists of verbs like “Favorites” or use predefined lists: “All Verbs”, “Basic Verbs”, “Reflexive Verbs” and “Verbs of Motion”.
ASPECT: learn to which aspect the verb belongs. For many verbs, the aspectual pair is provided.
PRACTICE: enter the conjugated verb form or the infinitive and get visual feedback.
VOCABULARY TRAINER: activate the options “Infinitive” and “Translation” in “Training Preferences” to learn Russian verbs.
TRACK PROGRESS: see ratings for each verb and decide which verbs to focus on.
CUSTOMIZE EXERCISE: filter the verbs based on tenses/mood and/or ratings within the selected list of verbs.
VERB CONJUGATION TABLE: for each verb, there is a conjugation table including translation, transcription, aspectual partners (if available), conjugation type and audio of all forms in present, past and future tenses and in the imperative mood.
AUDIO: conjugation forms of all verbs pronounced by a native Russian speaker.
SEARCH: quick verb search (both language directions).
FEEDBACK: send Feedback directly from the app.
No Internet connection required.

Please, send us your comments and suggestions to help us improve the App. Propose verbs you would like to see in coming updates.