Russian Radio

RadioIf you want to know what’s on the radio in Russia now, just listen to free Russian radio stations online. Listening to the Russian radio is also a great way to improve your Russian.

This is a selection of some popular radio stations in Russia that broadcast not only music but also news, talk shows and programs on various topics. Just choose a radio station according to your interests and the knowledge of the Russian language.

Radio Europa Plus
(Russian: Европа плюc)

This radio station is very popular in Russia. It plays current Russian and international hits. There are six channels:

  • Europa plus
  • Dance
  • Top40
  • Свежее / Fresh stuff
  • R&B
  • Poprock

Listen to radio Europa Plus online

Russian Radio
(Russian: Руccкое Радио)

In Russian, the name of the radio station is pronounced like [rússkaye rádio]. It plays only Russian music and is the best choice for everyone who wants to listen to old and modern Russian music. There are following channels:

  • Русское Радио / Russian Radio: Pop-Music, latest Hits and brief news bulletins
  • Русское Кино / Russian Cinema: Songs and soundtracks from Sowjet and Russian movies
  • Золотой Граммофон / Golden Gramophone: Weekly Hit Parade of the Russian Radio
  • Русский рок / Russian Rock: Russian legends of Rock and their most popular hits from the 1980s till now.
  • Высоцкий / Vysotsky: Songs of the Russian iconic songwriter and singer Vladimir Vysotsky (1938-1980).
  • Детский канал / Children's channel: Songs from cartoons, kids Movies as well as from radio dramas.

Listen to the Russian Radio online


Online Radio 101.RU
(Russian: Онлайн радио 101.RU)

101.RU is a web based radio station. It sees itself as a virtual city where the users are free to listen to whatever they like. There are over 100 channels, the content being constantly updated.

On the web page of the Online Radio 101.RU it is possible to sort the channels by different criteria like "The best", "According to taste" or "New". One can listen to Russian Rock, Dance- and Pop-music, chansons, music of the USSR, Jazz, Blues, Rap, Hits of the 80s or 90s, humor, etc.

Listen to radio 101.RU online

Radio Hit Fm
(Russian: Радиостанция Хит FM)

The radio station Hit fm plays popular international and Russian hits at a ratio of 50:50. The following channels are available:

  • ХИТ FM: Latest hits and pop songs charts from all over the world
  • ХИТ FM Dance: Dance music that makes feel good
  • ХИТ FM 90-е: Russian and international hits from 1990 to 1999
  • ХИТ FM Романтика (Romantic): Greatest romantic songs and ballads of the last 20 years
  • ХИТ FM 2000-е: Top singles of the 21st century
  • Urban: Best R&B, Hip-Hop und Rap singles of all time.
  • Mixer: Club House of the Russian DJ Kirillov: well-known hits and new songs.

Listen to radio Hit fm online

Radio of Russia
(Russian: Радио Роccии)

This radio station offers a wide selection of programs: news, politics, education, culture and sport. Russian books are also read out here. It also features special theatre and music shows. Right under the bar “Прямой эфир” (Russian for “live broadcast”) one can choose from the following channels:

  • Гости эфира / Radio Guests
  • Армия / Army
  • Авто / Car
  • Про деньги / About Money
  • Общество / Society
  • Культура / Culture
  • История / History
  • Здоровье / Health

Listen to Radio of Russia online

Moscow’s speaking
(Russian: Говорит Москва)

In Russian, the name of the radio station is pronounced like [gavarít maskvá]. It covers news of the Russian capital. Apart from different kinds of reports about Moscow life, the station also offers a radio theatre, a talk-show as well as cultural, music and children's programs. There is live audio and video streaming.
Listen to the radio Moscow's speaking online