Russia Travel Safety Tips

SafetyRussia is not as dangerous as some lurid media reports suggest. Surprisingly many people feel absolutely safe travelling to New York or Chicago and find a trip to Russia extremely risky. But tourists who behave in a normal way and mind simple security guidelines, don't have to be afraid of anything. There is no gunfight in the streets and the possibility of being robbed is lower then in some cities of southern Italy.

General Security Guidelines:

  • do not carry wallets, purses and other valuables (expensive watches, jewels, etc.) so that everyone can see them
  • keep your bags closed
  • carry cash and credit cards separately
  • use only official currency exchange offices (no street deals!)
  • use official taxis and don't get in unknown private cars
  • don't go into dodgy bars and cafes
  • don't get nervous if a beggar asks you for money. Have some coins in the pocket if you are willing to donate something and don't get the wallet out. If you don't want to give any money just stay self-conscious and go away
  • avoid driving in rural area by night

The danger of a terror attack in Russia is not higher then in the USA or Great Britain. The conflict in Chechnya remains prominent in the headlines and Chechenian terrorists have already shocked
Russia and the world by attacking innocent people in public places. Unfortunately it is impossible to predict where and when the next attack takes place. So the officials advise to avoid crowds and try not to use means of public transportation during rush hours.

Do not travel to following regions:

  • Chechnya and its borders (eg. parts of Caucasus)
  • Dagestan
  • Ingushetia
  • Kabardino-Balkaria
  • North and South Ossetia