Pulkovo Airport (LED)

Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg (Russian: Пулково) is the fourth busiest airport in Russia by passenger traffic (the three major airports are located in Moscow). Pulkovo Airport started operating in 1932. During the last decades the airport is constantly being modernized to meet competitive demands and increase its capacity.
Pulkovo Airport is located about 14,3 miles (23 km) from the centre of St. Petersburg (see map).

On December 4, 2013 the Airport "Pulkovo" opened the new Terminal-1.
General map of the Airport Pulkovo

Getting from Pulkovo Airport to St. Petersburg

Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg is served by public buses (39 and 39э), shuttle bus K-39 and taxis. Most services operate between the airport and the metro station "Moskovskaya" (Russian: Московская). One can easily get to the centre of St. Petersburg from "Moskovskaya" by Metro.


NOTE: Passengers traveling with heavy luggage might face some difficulties using public transportation in St. Petersburg. Often it is only possible to cross the streets using subways (pedestrian underpasses) which have just stairs and no ramps. There are no elevators in the Metro. To change the lines in the Metro, one also has to go up and down the stairs. With heavy luggage, it might be quite exhausting. Besides, the Metro in St. Petersburg is usually packed with people.
Those who don't want to take a taxi from Pulkovo Airport, can travel to the Metro-Station "Moskovskaya" by bus or shuttle bus and take a taxi from the Metro-Station. Taxi rides within the city of St. Petersburg are cheaper than taxi rides between St. Petersburg and Pulkovo Airport. The taxi fare shall definitely be negotiated with the driver prior to the trip.

Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg offers a special service Taxi Pulkovo. It is recommended to use this licensed service and not illegal taxis.

Car and Car Rentals

To get from Pulkovo Airport to the centre of St. Petersburg by car, head for Pulkovskoye chaussee (Russian: Пулковское шоссе) and then for Moskowsky avenue (Russian: Московский проспект).

At Pulkovo Airport there are different parking areas: secured pay parking as well as toll-free unsecured ones. Short-time parking (up to 15 minutes) at Pulkovo Airport is free. Private vehicles are not allowed to enter the 50-meter-wide safety zone in front of both terminals.

In the arrivals area of both terminals of Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg there are car rentals AVIS, HERTZ, SIXT (Pulkovo-2) and AXCEL-RENT (Pulkovo-1).

Currency exchange and banking at Pulkovo Airport

US-Dollars and euros can be exchanged into Russian rubles at the banks counter. Exchange rates at the airport tend to be a bit worse than in the city of St. Petersburg.
There are cashing machines (ATM) of international and Russian banks at both terminals of Pulkovo Airport.
Exchange Rate Ruble / Euro / US Dollar

Internet access at Pulkovo Airport

High speed wireless (Wi-Fi) internet connection is available at both terminals of Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg. Passengers can access the WiFi service using their own devices with Wi-Fi capability, such as laptops, smart phones or PDAs. Just search for available networks and click "Connect" (Russian: Подключить) on the service start page.

Pulkovo Airport on the map

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