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Russian Audio Samples

Family in Russian

Russian vocabulary to use when talking about the family members and relatives. Differences between the English and the Russian names. In Russian, there are no words like "siblings" or "grandparents". And talking about one's "in-laws" you name the exact relation saying, for example "brother of the husband".

Russian Tongue Twisters

14 Tongue Twisters in Russian with English translation. Listen and practice the Russian pronunciation. Also available as iOS App.

Russian for lovers

Russian language exercise "Russian for lovers" with audio samples helps you learn speaking Russian. "I love you!" in Russian and more.

Get to know someone

Russian language exercise "Get to know someone" with audio samples helps you learn speaking Russian. "What’s your name?" in Russian and more.

Russian Numbers

"Russian numbers" with audio samples helps you learn speaking Russian.

Russian Alphabet

The Russian alphabet with audio samples and animated handwriting. Some letters of the Russian alphabet look like and sound similar to the letters of the Latin alphabet. But there are also significant differences. Listen to the audio samples and learn to pronounce not only single letters but also words.

Basic words and phrases in Russian

Learn Russian online: Basic Russian words and phrases with audio samples help you learn speaking Russian. Learn to say "Hello" in Russian and more.