Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Moscow, Russia

Singer: Anastasia Prikhodko (also Prichodko or Prihodko)
Russian: Анастасия Приходько
Official name at the Eurovision Song Contest: Anastasia Prikhodko
Song: Mamo (Russian: Мамо)
Place: 11
Points: 91

Anastasia Prikhodko wearing a black shoulder-free dress

Anastasia Prikhodko. Photo © C1R

The young singer from the Ukraine Anastasia Prikhodko represented Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Moscow with the song Mamo. Anastasia sang in Russian and Ukrainian. The title of the song is also Ukrainian and means "Mama". Strictly speaking, Russia was represented by an international team. The song was written by Anastasia's Georgian producer Konstantin Meladze in collaboration with Diana Golde who is half-Estonian.

42 countries participated in the 54th Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Moscow. Being the Host Broadcaster, Russia had a guaranteed place in the Final. The Grand Final took place on May 16. The young singer from Norway Alexander Rybak won the Contest obtaining 387 points.

Video: Anastasia Prikhodko sings for Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2009

About Anastasia Prikhodko

In March 2009 Anastasia won the National Final in Russia. 25% of TV viewers and six (out of 12) jury members voted for Anastasia. Naturally, not everyone in Russia is happy about the fact that a Ukrainian singer was chosen to represent Russia at the European Song Contest. Many would prefer the Russian singer Valeria, who ended up second (14% of votes). Originally Anastasia Prikhodko wanted to perform for Ukraine, but was disqualified as she was singing in Russian (instead of in Ukrainian and English). Her song "All for you" was also 40 seconds longer than allowed.

In Russia Anastasia Prikhodko became famous as the winner of the casting show Star Factory 7 December 2007.

Anastasia Prikhodko likes black outfits und looks like a rock singer. But she prefers singing folk music. Anastasia is not only going to impress the public and jury by her vocal performance. She also follows a strict diet and exercise program.

About Anastasia Prichodko
Full Name: Anastasia Konstantinowna Prikhodko
(oder Prichodko)
(Russian: Анастасия Константиновна Приходько).
The short version of the na,e "Anastasia" is "Nastya" (Russian: Настя). So in Russia the singer is also called Nastya Prikhodko.
Date and Place of Birth: 221 April 1987 in Kiev, Ukraine.
Education: a music academy, the department of folk vocal
Music Interests: Anastasia plays piano, guitar and flute. She likes to sing folk songs and listen to the proper music that "touches the soul".
Other interests: chess and horse riding. Anastasia is fond of fashion and pays much attention to her appearance.
Favourite book: The Master and Margarita by Michail Bulgakov
Favourite flowers: tulips

Lyrics: Mamo

Text: Konstantin Meladze, Diana Golde
Music: Konstantin Meladze

Anastasia Prikhodko sings on stage wearing a white full length dress at the ESC in Russia

Anastasia Prikhodko at the ESC 2009 in Moscow. Photo © Alain Douit (EBU)

Вышел из тени вновь, мой враг - моя любовь
Неизбежна моя доля, сколько сердце ни готовь.
Но, прежде чем уйти, колечком золотым
Обручил меня с собою и от чар не защитил
И на волю мою душу не пустил

Мамо, а ти ж мені казала як не жадай
Мамо, а я ж тоді не знала де ж та біда
Мамо, а ти ж мені казала час як вода
Мамо, мамо, мам, любов - біда

Брошу мечту свою и об пол разобью
Как сломал ты мою долю и оставил на краю
Я дождем девичьи слезы разолью

Мама, а ты же мне сказала: не ожидай
Мама, а я ж тогда не знала где ж та беда
Мама, а ты же мне сказала время вода
Мама, мама, мама, любовь - беда...

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