Russian Numbers

"Russian numbers" with audio samples helps you learn speaking Russian.

Russian Alphabet

The Russian alphabet with audio samples and animated handwriting. Some letters of the Russian alphabet look like and sound similar to the letters of the Latin alphabet. But there are also significant differences. Listen to the audio samples and learn to pronounce not only single letters but also words.

Food and Drinks in Russian

Learn to talk about food in Russian. And if you fell like cooking, check out our collection of Russian recipes. English Russian with Transcription breakfast завтрак [záf-trak] lunch обед [a-byét] dinner (also supper) ужин [óo-zhin] spoon ложка [lósh-ka] fork вилка [véel-ka] knife нож [nosh] salt соль [sol] pepper перец [pyé-reets] sugar сахар [sá-har] Recipe рецепт […]

Colors in Russian

English Russian with Transcription white белый (m) [byé-liy] белая (f) [byé-la-ya] белое (n) [byé-la-ye] белые (pl) [byé-li-ye] black чёрный (m) [chór-niy] чёрная (f) [chór-na-ya] чёрное (n) [chór-na-ye] чёрные (pl) [chór-ni-ye] red красный (m) [krás-ni] красная (f) [krás-na-ya] красное (n) [krás-na-ye] красные (pl) [krás-ni-ye] blue синий (m) [sée-neey] синяя (f) [sée-nee-ya] синее (n) [sée-nee-ye] синие (pl) […]

Questions in Russian

English Russian with Transcription When? Когда? [kag-dá] Where? Где? [gdye] Who? Кто? [kto] What? Что? [shto] How much? Сколько стоит? [skól-ka stó-eet] How? Как? [kak] Why? Почему? [pa-chee-móo] What for? Зачем? [sa-chyém] Where from? Откуда? [at-kóo-da] Where to? Куда? [koo-dá] Examples: English Russian with Transcription When does the train arrive? Когда приходит поезд? [Kag-dá pree-hó-deet […]

Weather in Russian

English Russian with Transcription What's the weather today? Какая сегодня будет погода? [ka-ká-ya see-vód-nya bóo-deet pa-gó-da] It is going to be... Будет... [bóo-deet...] warm. тепло. [teep-ló] hot. жарко. [zhár-ka] cold. холодно. [hó-lad-na] sultry. душно. [dóosh-na] sunny. солнечно. [sól-neech-na] windy. ветренно. [vyét-ree-na] clouded. облачно. [ób-lach-na] nippy. прохладно. [prah-lád-na] dry. сухо. [sóo-ha] rainy. дождливо. [dash-dlée-va] The weather […]

Russian Letters and Pronunciation

Guide to Russian pronunciation. Some Russian letters look and sound like English ones. Most Russian words are pronounced as they are written.

Russian Verbs

The Russian verb. Learn to conjugate Russian verbs. Russian verbal aspect. Present, past and future tense in Russian.

Russian Pronouns

Russian pronouns. Learn to decline personal and possessive pronouns in Russian.

Russian Adjectives

Russian adjectives. In Russian adjectives agree with nouns in number, gender and case. Learn to decline Russian adjectives.