Places, Buildings & Monuments in St. Petersburg

Palace Square The main square of St. Petersburg is one of the biggest and impressive places in the world. From the Palace Square one can see other popular places of interest like the St. Isaac’s Cathedral or the Admiralty. Adress: Dvortsovaya Naberezhnaya 34 Metro: Nevsky Prospekt Alexander Column (1829-1834) Erected in the centre of the […]

Best time to visit Russia

From the end of May through the end of June is the best time for a trip to St. Petersburg. It might get really hot in July and August. Smog gets worse making it difficult and unpleasant to explore Moscow and St. Petersburg. Such a trip might even be dangerous for people with breathing problems […]

Russian Drinking Toasts

40 Russian drinking toasts for different occasions. Short and long universal toasts. Special toasts for birthday, wedding, New Year Eve and Women's Day. Some Russian drinking toasts consist just of one or two words. The right way to say "Cheers!" in Russian is not "Nostrovia!".

At the railway station

English Russian with Transcription Two tickets to Sergiyev Posad, please. Пожалуйста, два билета до Сергиева Посада. [pa-zhál-sta, dvá bee-lyé-ta da syér-gee-ye-va pa-sá-da] A return ticket. Туда и обратно. [too-dá ee ab-rát-na] The train departs from track three. Поезд отправляется с третьего пути. [pó-yeesd at-prav-lyá-yee-tsa s tryé-tyee-va poo-tée] Do I have to change trains? Мне нужно […]

In the Metro (underground, tube, subway)

English Russian with Transcription entrance вход [fhot] exit выход [vi-hat] passage переход [pye-ree-hót] passage to the station переход на станцию [pye-ree-hót na stán-tsee-yoo] Where is... Где ... [gdye] ...the next metro station? ...ближайшая станция метро? [blee-zháy-shaya stán-tsee-ya mee-tró] ...exit (to the surface)? ...выход в город? [ví-hat v gó-rat] Where can I buy metro tickets? Где […]

Getting around / Asking the way in Russian

English Russian with Transcription Tell me, please ... Скажите, пожалуйста, ... [ska-zhí-tye, pa-zhál-sta...] Where is...? Где...? [gdye...] How do I get there? Как туда добраться? [kak too-dá da-brá-tsa] there там [tam] straight on прямо [pryá-ma] on/to the right направо [na-prá-va] on/to the left налево [na-lyé-va] street улица [óo-lee-tsa] square площадь [pló-shshit] traffic lights светофор [svee-ta-fór] […]

Soccer and Sport in Russian

English Russian with Transcription soccer футбол [foot-ból] World Cup Soccer чемпионат мира по футболу [chyem-pee-an-át mée-ra pa foot-bó-loo] soccer game футбольный матч [foot-ból-ni mátch] to play soccer играть в футбол [ee-grát ffoot-ból] soccer pitch футбольное поле [foot-ból-na-ye pó-lye] stadium стадион [sta-dee-ón] ball мяч [myach] coach трейнер [tréy-neer] team сборная [sbór-na-ya] National team Germany сборная Германии […]

Russian vocabulary for Theatre / Concert / Cinema

English Russian with Transcription What's on in the theatre this week? Что идёт в театре на этой неделе? [shto ee-dyót f tyát-rye na é-tay nee-dyé-lee] How much is a ticket... Сколько стоит один билет? [skol-ká stó-eet a-deen bee-lyét] ...for today? ... на сегодня. [na see-vód-nya] ...for tomorrow? ... на завтра. [na sáf-tra] ...for 7 pm? […]