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Shchi (russ.: щи) is one of the most typical dishes of the Russian cuisine. It can be cooked in different ways. There are three main variations of shchi: ‘green shchi’ with fresh cabbage (russ.: щи свежие), ‘sour shchi’ with sauerkraut (russ.: щи кислые) and vegetarian shchi (russ.: щи постные).

Cold Summer Borscht

This light variation on the famous traditional dish is a wonderful treat on hot summer days.

Red Beet Salad

Beetroot (Russian: свёкла [swjókla]) is used in many ways in Russian cuisine. Beetroot contains many vitamins and minerals, including B vitamins, vitamin C, folic acid as well as potassium, calcium, iron, copper, magnesium and others.

Salad Vinaigrette

Vinaigrette (russ.: винегрет) is not just a salad. It is a fine mixture of science and art. Specialists argue over the ingredients: some take apples instead of carrots; others add meat or fish and make a dressing using mayonnaise or sour cream. As you know, there's no accounting for taste. Here is a basic.recipe


Borscht is actually a traditional Ukrainian dish. Borscht became very popular in Russia centuries ago. Now this rich stew is associated with Russia and is also known as the Russian red (or beet) soup. Step by step picture recipe.


Solyanka (russ.: солянка) – a rich salty spicy stew – is one of the most popular dishes of the Russian cuisine. There are different kinds of Solyanka: with meat, sausages, fish or mushrooms. Most important ingredients are cucumber pickles or salted mushrooms. In Russian Solyanka means "salty", derived from the word соль - [sol] (salt).

Russian Spicy Cookies (Gingerbread)

Like in many other countries it used to be a tradition in Russia to start baking Christmas treats in December. The smell of freshly baked cakes and cookies filled the air and enhanced the Christmas spirit.

Plum Cake

There are different kinds of plums growing in Russia. They differ in taste and shape depending on the region. In the south of Russia, some varieties of plums ripen in July. In central Russia, fresh plums can be harvested from mid-August to mid-September. In Russian, plum is called "слива" [ßlíwa]. This moist cake made with fresh plums is a real treat.

Strawberry Cake

In the European part of Russia the strawberry season begins around mid-June. Many Russians grow strawberries in the gardens of their country houses datcha or pick sweet aromatic berries in a nearby forest. In Russian, big garden strawberry is called "клубника" [klubníka] and small wild strawberry "земляника" [zimliníka]. The Russians love making (and eating) strawberry jam. But a cake with fresh strawberries is also irresistible.

Summer Salad

Ingredients 150 g (=5.3 oz) tomatoes 150 g (=5.3 oz) cucumbers 100 g (=3.5 oz) green onion or chives 1 bunch dill 200 ml (= 0.8 cup) sour cream salt, pepper Directions Wash tomatoes and cucumbers and cut into large pieces. Clean and chop green onions and dill. Put everything in a bowl, add sour […]