Golubtsi – Stuffed Cabbage Rolls



Golubtsi (Russian: голубцы) are stuffed cabbage leaves. In Russian cuisine, cabbage rolls are made with white cabbage and stuffed with a mixture of minced meat and rice. Traditionally beef and/or pork is used. Golubtsi made with chicken are tender and mild in flavor. One can also add tomatoes and carrots. Vegetarians can use vegetables or mushrooms as meat substitutes. The name "Golubtsi" is supposed to be derived from the Russian word "голубь" = "dove", as the form of the cabbage roll reminds of a sitting pigeon.

Ingredients (serves 4-6)
1 kg (=1 medium head) cabbage
400 g (=14 oz) ground beef
125 g (=3/4 cup) rice
1-2 onions
2 carrots
3 tomatoes
2 tbsp tomato paste
500 ml (=2 cups) vegetable stock
2 bay leaves
oil or butter
salt, pepper
150 ml (=3/4 cup) sour cream

For vegetarian golubtsi substitute beef with 500 g (=1.1 lb) chopped and sautéed mushrooms.


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