Pulkovo Airport (LED)

Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg (Russian: Пулково) is the fourth busiest airport in Russia by passenger traffic (the three major airports are located in Moscow). Pulkovo Airport started operating in 1932. During the last decades the airport is constantly being modernized to meet competitive demands and increase its capacity. Pulkovo Airport is located about 14,3 […]

Russian Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs stuffed with a slightly spicy filling of pickled cucumber is a popular appetizer in Russia. Quick and easy to prepare, Russian eggs are perfect as finger food for any occasion. The recipe is easily adaptable to individual tastes by adding extra ingredients such as mushrooms, sautéed onions, ham or fish.

Russian Girls' Names

Russian girls’ names and their derivatives. Popular and rare Russian girls’ names. Most popular Russian baby names for girls are: Anastasia, Maria and Daria.

Steamed Salmon with Parsley Sauce

Salmon and other fish from the same family have always been abundant in Russian rivers and coastal areas. That is why this fish plays an important role in Russian cuisine. In Russian, salmon is called "лосось" [laßóß']. Nowadays, salmon fillet is used in most recipes as it is easy to cook. This healthy and delicious fish can be baked, fried, grilled or steamed. Cooked in white wine and served with a delicate sauce, salmon is really delicious. Potatoes or fresh salad are perfect side dishes to accompany salmon.

Mushroom Caviar

Mushroom caviar is made of dried mushrooms. The mix should contain porcini mushrooms. It is possible to cook this caviar using fresh mushrooms available in season like chanterelle, armillaria or porcini mushrooms that are very popular in Russia. Mushroom caviar can be used in many different ways, for example, as bread spread, stuffing for eggs or to spice up soups and stews.

Hotels in Saint Petersburg

Hotels in St. Petersburg (Russia). Well located hotels in St. Petersburg in different price categories. Check location of the hotel on St. Petersburg map.

Tsarskoye Selo and Peterhof

Tsarskoye Selo (Pushkin) The main summer abode of the Russian tsars and one of the most beautiful places just outside St. Petersburg. It is situated 25 km south of the city. The major attraction of the ensemble is the gorgeous Catherine Palace built in the style of Russian baroque. The world-famous Amber room, which was […]

Theatre, Concerts & Circus in St. Petersburg

Mariinsky Theatre The Mariinsky (former Kirov) Theatre is one of the symbols of the Russian culture. The world-famous soprano Anna Netrebko made her debut at the Mariinsky Theatre and still performs here. Address: Theatralnaya Ploshchad 1 Metro: Nevsky Prospekt, Gostiny Dvor or Canal Griboyedova. Then by bus number 3, К-3, К-22, 27 or К-312 The […]

Museums in St. Petersburg

Many museums in St. Petersburg participate in the International Museum Day on May 18, organizing special activities and/or offering free entrance. Special events are also held in the Night of Museums. 2017 the museums in St. Petersburg will stay open in the night from May 20 to May 21. The Hermitage (18-19 centuries) The State Hermitage Museum is one of […]

Churches, Cathedrals & Monasteries in St. Petersburg

The Church of Christ's Resurrection (1907) This very beautiful church was modeled after St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow. The Church of Christ's Resurrection was built on a place where Tsar Alexander II was mortally wounded by terrorists in 1881. That is why the church is also called the Savior on the Blood Church. Address: Naberezhnaya […]