Fish with Carrots and Onions

This low-calorie dish is a tasty main course and can also be served as an appetizer. Fish steamed in carrot and onion marinade is very tender and juicy. It is especially delicious with white fish like cod.

Fish in Tomato Sauce

Fish in tomato sauce is very popular in Russia, fresh as well as canned. With this simple recipe, even most inexperienced cooks can prepare a delicious and healthy dish in minutes. Use saltwater or freshwater fish depending on taste.

Fish Hamburger with Cauliflower and Mashed Potatoes

In Russian cuisine, there are a wide variety of fish recipes. Fish balls are a great choice for children and even people who don't eat much fish. These fish balls are easy to cook and can be made from different types of fish such as halibut, perch or salmon. One can also add finely chopped fresh herbs into the fish paste.


The tasty combination of pumpkin and millet is quite popular in Russian cuisine. In this modern Russian recipe, honey gives the pumpkin-and-millet dish a sweet and aromatic flavor. As a quick and low-fat variation, just make millet porridge and add pumpkin peaces.

Pumpkin pancakes

In Russia, pumpkin grows in zones with mild and continental climate. Pumpkins are harvested in autumn and used in many recipes. Very popular and easy to cook are, for example, little juicy pumpkin pancakes with honey and sour cream.

Zucchini Pancakes

In Russian, small thick pancakes are called Oladi (оладьи [aládyi]). Basic Oladi are made of simple batter that contains flour, eggs and water or milk. The batter is poured into hot oil to fry. Various vegetables and fruits can be added to the basic recipe. Try this popular hearty Oladi with zucchini.


Oven-baked dishes are very typical for Russian cuisine. Potato was brought to Russia in the 18th century. Initially, the foreign vegetable was totally rejected by Russian farmers who called it "Devil's apple". With time, people learnt to grow and cook the versatile tuber and potato became one of the most important vegetables in Russia. This casserole recipe combines potato with typical Russian ingredients like mushrooms and sour cream.

Trout grilled with Honey, Mustard and Lemon

Ingredients 2 trout 1 tbsp honey 1 tbsp mustard 1 tbsp vegetable oil 1 lemon pepper (freshly ground), salt Directions Gut trout. Wash both inside and outside under cold running water thoroughly. Pat dry. Cut lemon into half and set one half aside. Blend together mustard, honey, oil, fresh lemon juice and zest. Rub inside […]

Grilled Fish with Cheese

The Russians have always been fond of fishing. And many consider grilled fish a delicious treat. Basically, any type of fish can be grilled. Since some fish breaks up easily, it is better to grill it on an aluminum pan or wrapped in foil. Cheese prevents fish from drying out so that it ends up juicy.

Lamb Shashlik in White Wine Marinade

Lamb meat is perfect for grilling and barbecue. It is believed that classic shashlik shall be made of lamb loin. Wine is also commonly used in marinades as it gives meat especially nice flavor. In this recipe, chicken and vegetables are alternately thread onto the skewers and grilled together.